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I wanted to personally thank the Shane Hammond Believe Foundation and Deb Marvuglio for their support of driver safety. In May of 2010 the throttle stuck in my 410 non wing dirt sprintcar coming off the track at Waynesfield, Ohio. I did not stop until I hit a trailer in the pit area, the hit knocked me unconscious, and landed me in the hospital for two days.

Thanks to the full containment seat that I purchased over the winter with help from the Shane Hammond Believe Foundation I was not seriously injured. The foundation helped me get better safety equipment than I could have afforded, and I am thankful for it everyday when I realize that the seat keeping me in the car impacted the outcome of the accident.

I am so grateful for the help for the SHBF. I believe what the SHBF is doing for motorsports will help all involved in making us more aware of safety and help us protect ourselves as much as possible.

Thank you again to the foundation.

Tyler Hewitt. Marion, IN.
Let me start by saying working with Deb Marvuglio and the Shane Hammond Believe Foundation has been a pleasure. My personnal experience with the foundation was about me purchasing a Hans Device to replace my other device which I thought was OK. I spoke with Deb and purchased a Hans through the Shane Hammond Believe Foundation.

On a Sat. night in August 2010 I put my Hans on went out to run the Lites feature at Seekonk and ended up in the wall pretty hard and wrecked the car. Broke my heart but was very much totally fine.

The next day I was a little bit sore...very little. I keep wondering what if that was the other device. So again I would like to say thanks to Deb and the foundation for all her hard work and keeping us safe.

Be Safe

Kevin Park - Nema Lite #52
I attended The Racer's Expo in 2009, and because of your story my fiancée and I bought the hybrid on the spot.

Good thing I did. I was in a very serious crash and probably would of been hurt really bad. I was able to climb out of the Sprint under my own power because the hybrid did exactly what it was suppose to do.

 Its a shame that it takes a loss so close to get the point of safety across.

So in closing we want to thank you for sharing your story.


Larry and Angela -  ZotZot racing #6.


HOMEDriving SchoolAbout The Foundation201020092008